What Are the Doors Closers and exit devices that a commercial Locksmith uses?

Commercial properties and office buildings need high-security door hardware to protect them from theft and break-ins. Only expert locksmiths can handle the commercial lock installation in such premises due to their complex security requirements and high-risk factors. Government facilities and institutional facilities often call a licensed commercial locksmith company to deliver a professional service in installing their building hardware.

Business property owners prefer to use high-grade commercial door hardware and door locks to safeguard their commercial buildings. This commercial-grade hardware includes high-security locks, panic devices, exit alarms, and door closers. Among these, exit hardware is used in the event of emergencies.

The US Building Code, Life Safety Code, and the National Electric code make panic bar installation mandatory for all commercial buildings. Panic bars are a must for all exterior doors or exit doors.

When you use panic exit devices, the code requirements insist on the use of door closers along with them for additional safety.

Exit devices

Every business owner installs exit hardware in his commercial building to provide a safe escape route in case of an emergency. If these devices were absent, there would be no way to exit the building in the case of an emergency like a fire. 

These emergency devices are of several types- mortise, rim, multiple-point, vertical rod, etc. Nowadays, alarmed exit devices are more common. 

Panic bars or crash bars are the most popular type of exit device. They use a mechanical rod to push the door open. They have many minute parts like springs, vertical rods, outer rims, dogging kits, end caps, cylinders, etc. Only expert commercial locksmiths who know their functioning can repair them with ease.

Installation or repair of these exit devices needs the expertise of a professional locksmith service. They are fire-rated devices that have to be code compliant and hence they must be installed only by an experienced locksmith with knowledge in this area.

Door closers

Door closers are mechanisms that prevent your door from swinging shut by reflex. Automatic door closers are a must along with safety devices. They are especially of use to people with physical disabilities. They also prevent injuries due to the reverse action of the door. If there were no door closers, there is a high risk of the door swinging back and hitting your feet. That is why most commercial doors have door closers.

These are different types of commercial door closers like traditional and modern door closers with or without covers and concealed door closers. Arm door closers can have hold-open, dead-stop, spring-stop, or heavy-duty arms. Door closers with parallel arms use hydraulic fluid to control their opening or closing speed. If these door closers break, they may leak and this can be messy and irritating. Damaged door closers can also cause you severe injury due to their malfunction. A master locksmith will understand the urgency and repair the door closer at once. If he is a super locksmith with skill, he will even be able to fit the new one exactly into your door frame without drilling holes.

No carded locks or access systems can work well without a door closer. The installation, repair, or replacement of a door closer is best done by a commercial locksmith service.

Commercial location owners may fit the latest business locks and commercial hardware. They may use magnetic locks, mortise locks, electronic locks, deadbolt locks, or advanced keyless entry systems. Above all this, what they must install is an exit device and a door closer. No commercial facility is equipped for an emergency unless it has both exit devices and door closers.

Call a local business locksmith serving Charlotte to install these essential exit devices and door closers. Gain peace of mind that you have provided the best of both emergency and security solutions for your commercial premises.

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