What are the commercial spare keys used in business?

Business owners have plenty to worry about and the last of them should be property damage due to missing keys. If the keys go missing, then one has to worry about lock replacement. 

If you do not replace locks, you will expose your business space to lock picks by burglars who might have found your misplaced key. To avoid all this, you must not only install high-security commercial locks but also arrange for getting spare keys for key replacement. For this, you need a reliable and trustworthy commercial locksmith service.

Difference between commercial key replacement and key duplication

Key replacement is a form of key cloning. Here, copies of the key are made from the original key. For key replacement, you need an original key. 

Key duplication is also called key cutting. It does not need an original key. The duplicate key is cut using the groove impressions of the lock using a key blank.

When do business owners need commercial key replacement?

Prevent lockouts

For property owners of commercial buildings, business security is what matters most. To ensure a high level of security, they must have key control. This means they should opt for getting a replacement key during the lock Installation itself. By doing this, they can prevent the event of lockouts due to missing keys.

Spare keys for service workers

Commercial property owners also have many employees and service personnel who need access to their premises. Giving them a set of keys becomes a must to get the work done. In this case, also, you need spare keys. 

Spare keys for office furniture

An office building or commercial space has a lot more than just doors and windows. It has a set of office furniture all of which need to be secured with a lock and key. This means what you need is all kinds of lock Installation! like cabinet locks, desk drawer locks, commercial mailboxes, etc. With many employees working in the office space, you need a spare key for all this furniture. If you have just one key, these commercial facilities cannot be accessed without it. You cannot afford such a situation especially when this furniture contains all your documents or material for daily business use. So, it is better to engage high-quality locksmith services to fabricate spare keys for these locks.

Spare keys for vehicles

Business property is bound to have commercial vehicles for its use. These vehicles might use bike locks or classic car locks. All these need spare keys in case their key goes missing. Call an automotive locksmith service and get spare keys made for these vehicle locks.

Effective security

In today’s age of advanced technology, every commercial facility is opting for high-tech commercial security solutions. These include electronic access control systems that might use a transponder chip key or access code. In these cases too, you need the services of a skilled locksmith for controlling the access to these facilities.

The pivotal role of spare keys in commercial key management

One aspect of Building management is all about controlling access to facilities using key management systems. Spare keys play a major role in these commercial security options. To organize these spare cases, you need the expert services of a security locksmith with wide experience in these areas. 

Instead of calling any random commercial key duplication service, enlist a dependable security locksmith with proven records of trustworthy service. Engage a mobile locksmith service that offers quick response at affordable costs of labor.

Getting spare keys made for commercial properties is a proactive idea to prevent lockouts, thefts, and illegal entry. It also helps you avoid the high cost of replacement of locks frequently.

Order a set of spare keys from a reputed commercial locksmith in Charlotte and spare yourself the maintenance costs you might incur due to frequent lock replacement.

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