Commercial Lock Picking – Locked Out Of Your business?

Every day is a hectic day when you are in business. When you cannot afford to lose a minute, getting locked out can be a huge inconvenience.

Getting locked out of your business happens most often when you misplace your keys. Business lockout situations are also common when you have a difference of opinion with your partner and get locked out by him. The other common reason for such a crisis is when your office has a cheap lock and that gets damaged.

What should you do when you face such an emergency of being locked out of your business premises? The first thing does not to panic. Call an emergency commercial lockout company that will reach your spot in minutes and resolve the problem in no time.

Tips to try when you face a Business Lockout

Getting locked out of your office is not only causing you anxiety and tension but adding to your business downtime as well. Try these tips to get out of your emergency quickly.

Look for an open window

 Most often, there is a window or door that is left open in any office by oversight. This can be your blessing in disguise to get you into your office. Search for such an open window or door and try to shimmy it. See if the adjoining offices have any access to yours like a connecting corridor with interconnecting doors. With luck, you can ask them to open it for you and gain entry into your office. 

Finding an unlocked door or an open window is a rare event. Offices like yours who take adequate security measures do not leave their doors open.

Seek assistance from your neighbors

If your office is in an apartment complex owned by a company, you can ask the security manager for a spare key. If your office is in an apartment building with a private owner, you can call the landlord and ask for help. 

If both these options do not work out, you can ask your neighbors for help.

Try some DIY hacks

This is one option we would not recommend. Many people try to open a lock by forceful entry using some household tools like paper clips, coat hangers, hacksaw blades, etc.

Remember, business locks are very different from residential locks. They have advanced security systems, panic devices, high-security locks, etc to improve their security level. Picking such locks with rustic tools would only cause damage to the locks. Such lock tampering is not a healthy practice as it sets an example of a destructive entry for your fellow workers.

Moreover, commercial buildings are equipped with smart locks or electronic locks with keypad locks or biometric locking systems. To open such advanced access control security systems, you need technical knowledge, advanced tools, and above all an access code. Only licensed technicians from a professional locksmith company will have all of these to open these complex access control systems.

Tampering with such keyless entry systems is will only set a trend for destructive entry by others. Avoid such unwanted risks and call an expert commercial locksmith immediately.

Call an expert commercial locksmith

This is the best thing to do in the case of an emergency lockout. A 24-hour Emergency Lockout service is the one that can help you in such an emergency during any time of the night or day. They have a team of experienced technicians who can handle such stringent situations with ease and alacrity. They can handle all types of locks from antiquated locks to modern locks. They know how to open all kinds of business locks- Deadbolts, cabinet locks, desk drawer locks, wafer locks, pin tumbler locks, lever locks, and even access code systems.

If your business has already been targeted by thieves, they could have taken away important equipment and documents which can cost you a lot of money. In such cases, it is better to risk everything than lose all your valuable assets. Hire a reputable 24-hour emergency locksmith and they will unlock your premises without causing any damage to the property.

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