What are the commercial spare keys used in business?

Business owners have plenty to worry about and the last of them should be property damage due to missing keys. If the keys go missing, then one has to worry about lock replacement. 

If you do not replace locks, you will expose your business space to lock picks by burglars who might have found your misplaced key. To avoid all this, you must not only install high-security commercial locks but also arrange for getting spare keys for key replacement. For this, you need a reliable and trustworthy commercial locksmith service.

Difference between commercial key replacement and key duplication

Key replacement is a form of key cloning. Here, copies of the key are made from the original key. For key replacement, you need an original key. 

Key duplication is also called key cutting. It does not need an original key. The duplicate key is cut using the groove impressions of the lock using a key blank.

When do business owners need commercial key replacement?

Prevent lockouts

For property owners of commercial buildings, business security is what matters most. To ensure a high level of security, they must have key control. This means they should opt for getting a replacement key during the lock Installation itself. By doing this, they can prevent the event of lockouts due to missing keys.

Spare keys for service workers

Commercial property owners also have many employees and service personnel who need access to their premises. Giving them a set of keys becomes a must to get the work done. In this case, also, you need spare keys. 

Spare keys for office furniture

An office building or commercial space has a lot more than just doors and windows. It has a set of office furniture all of which need to be secured with a lock and key. This means what you need is all kinds of lock Installation! like cabinet locks, desk drawer locks, commercial mailboxes, etc. With many employees working in the office space, you need a spare key for all this furniture. If you have just one key, these commercial facilities cannot be accessed without it. You cannot afford such a situation especially when this furniture contains all your documents or material for daily business use. So, it is better to engage high-quality locksmith services to fabricate spare keys for these locks.

Spare keys for vehicles

Business property is bound to have commercial vehicles for its use. These vehicles might use bike locks or classic car locks. All these need spare keys in case their key goes missing. Call an automotive locksmith service and get spare keys made for these vehicle locks.

Effective security

In today’s age of advanced technology, every commercial facility is opting for high-tech commercial security solutions. These include electronic access control systems that might use a transponder chip key or access code. In these cases too, you need the services of a skilled locksmith for controlling the access to these facilities.

The pivotal role of spare keys in commercial key management

One aspect of Building management is all about controlling access to facilities using key management systems. Spare keys play a major role in these commercial security options. To organize these spare cases, you need the expert services of a security locksmith with wide experience in these areas. 

Instead of calling any random commercial key duplication service, enlist a dependable security locksmith with proven records of trustworthy service. Engage a mobile locksmith service that offers quick response at affordable costs of labor.

Getting spare keys made for commercial properties is a proactive idea to prevent lockouts, thefts, and illegal entry. It also helps you avoid the high cost of replacement of locks frequently.

Order a set of spare keys from a reputed commercial locksmith in Charlotte and spare yourself the maintenance costs you might incur due to frequent lock replacement.

Commercial Lock Picking – Locked Out Of Your business?

Every day is a hectic day when you are in business. When you cannot afford to lose a minute, getting locked out can be a huge inconvenience.

Getting locked out of your business happens most often when you misplace your keys. Business lockout situations are also common when you have a difference of opinion with your partner and get locked out by him. The other common reason for such a crisis is when your office has a cheap lock and that gets damaged.

What should you do when you face such an emergency of being locked out of your business premises? The first thing does not to panic. Call an emergency commercial lockout company that will reach your spot in minutes and resolve the problem in no time.

Tips to try when you face a Business Lockout

Getting locked out of your office is not only causing you anxiety and tension but adding to your business downtime as well. Try these tips to get out of your emergency quickly.

Look for an open window

 Most often, there is a window or door that is left open in any office by oversight. This can be your blessing in disguise to get you into your office. Search for such an open window or door and try to shimmy it. See if the adjoining offices have any access to yours like a connecting corridor with interconnecting doors. With luck, you can ask them to open it for you and gain entry into your office. 

Finding an unlocked door or an open window is a rare event. Offices like yours who take adequate security measures do not leave their doors open.

Seek assistance from your neighbors

If your office is in an apartment complex owned by a company, you can ask the security manager for a spare key. If your office is in an apartment building with a private owner, you can call the landlord and ask for help. 

If both these options do not work out, you can ask your neighbors for help.

Try some DIY hacks

This is one option we would not recommend. Many people try to open a lock by forceful entry using some household tools like paper clips, coat hangers, hacksaw blades, etc.

Remember, business locks are very different from residential locks. They have advanced security systems, panic devices, high-security locks, etc to improve their security level. Picking such locks with rustic tools would only cause damage to the locks. Such lock tampering is not a healthy practice as it sets an example of a destructive entry for your fellow workers.

Moreover, commercial buildings are equipped with smart locks or electronic locks with keypad locks or biometric locking systems. To open such advanced access control security systems, you need technical knowledge, advanced tools, and above all an access code. Only licensed technicians from a professional locksmith company will have all of these to open these complex access control systems.

Tampering with such keyless entry systems is will only set a trend for destructive entry by others. Avoid such unwanted risks and call an expert commercial locksmith immediately.

Call an expert commercial locksmith

This is the best thing to do in the case of an emergency lockout. A 24-hour Emergency Lockout service is the one that can help you in such an emergency during any time of the night or day. They have a team of experienced technicians who can handle such stringent situations with ease and alacrity. They can handle all types of locks from antiquated locks to modern locks. They know how to open all kinds of business locks- Deadbolts, cabinet locks, desk drawer locks, wafer locks, pin tumbler locks, lever locks, and even access code systems.

If your business has already been targeted by thieves, they could have taken away important equipment and documents which can cost you a lot of money. In such cases, it is better to risk everything than lose all your valuable assets. Hire a reputable 24-hour emergency locksmith and they will unlock your premises without causing any damage to the property.

What Are the Doors Closers and exit devices that a commercial Locksmith uses?

Commercial properties and office buildings need high-security door hardware to protect them from theft and break-ins. Only expert locksmiths can handle the commercial lock installation in such premises due to their complex security requirements and high-risk factors. Government facilities and institutional facilities often call a licensed commercial locksmith company to deliver a professional service in installing their building hardware.

Business property owners prefer to use high-grade commercial door hardware and door locks to safeguard their commercial buildings. This commercial-grade hardware includes high-security locks, panic devices, exit alarms, and door closers. Among these, exit hardware is used in the event of emergencies.

The US Building Code, Life Safety Code, and the National Electric code make panic bar installation mandatory for all commercial buildings. Panic bars are a must for all exterior doors or exit doors.

When you use panic exit devices, the code requirements insist on the use of door closers along with them for additional safety.

Exit devices

Every business owner installs exit hardware in his commercial building to provide a safe escape route in case of an emergency. If these devices were absent, there would be no way to exit the building in the case of an emergency like a fire. 

These emergency devices are of several types- mortise, rim, multiple-point, vertical rod, etc. Nowadays, alarmed exit devices are more common. 

Panic bars or crash bars are the most popular type of exit device. They use a mechanical rod to push the door open. They have many minute parts like springs, vertical rods, outer rims, dogging kits, end caps, cylinders, etc. Only expert commercial locksmiths who know their functioning can repair them with ease.

Installation or repair of these exit devices needs the expertise of a professional locksmith service. They are fire-rated devices that have to be code compliant and hence they must be installed only by an experienced locksmith with knowledge in this area.

Door closers

Door closers are mechanisms that prevent your door from swinging shut by reflex. Automatic door closers are a must along with safety devices. They are especially of use to people with physical disabilities. They also prevent injuries due to the reverse action of the door. If there were no door closers, there is a high risk of the door swinging back and hitting your feet. That is why most commercial doors have door closers.

These are different types of commercial door closers like traditional and modern door closers with or without covers and concealed door closers. Arm door closers can have hold-open, dead-stop, spring-stop, or heavy-duty arms. Door closers with parallel arms use hydraulic fluid to control their opening or closing speed. If these door closers break, they may leak and this can be messy and irritating. Damaged door closers can also cause you severe injury due to their malfunction. A master locksmith will understand the urgency and repair the door closer at once. If he is a super locksmith with skill, he will even be able to fit the new one exactly into your door frame without drilling holes.

No carded locks or access systems can work well without a door closer. The installation, repair, or replacement of a door closer is best done by a commercial locksmith service.

Commercial location owners may fit the latest business locks and commercial hardware. They may use magnetic locks, mortise locks, electronic locks, deadbolt locks, or advanced keyless entry systems. Above all this, what they must install is an exit device and a door closer. No commercial facility is equipped for an emergency unless it has both exit devices and door closers.

Call a local business locksmith serving Charlotte to install these essential exit devices and door closers. Gain peace of mind that you have provided the best of both emergency and security solutions for your commercial premises.

How to Decide Between Access Control Types

Burglary at business places is common. And so are security breaches at offices. This is why offices install access control systems to prevent unauthorized access into their confidential spaces.

Business owners employ security managers who decide the levels of security the office needs. Then, they frame the security policy and chalk out the plan to implement it. Security experts from a licensed commercial locksmith company can be brought in to install the access control system. 

But before the installation, you must decide what types of access control your office needs.

Significance of the type of access control in work areas

The type of access control decides whom you grant permission to use only a certain facility or area and grants them the key or code to access it. Here, the access is restricted for that person only to that area. Likewise, only those persons having the code can access that workstation.

Types of access control

Access control is of 4 types

Discretionary Access Control 

In the Discretionary Access Control System, the company owner decides how many people should have access to a specific work area. This is compiled as a list of authorized users. This is called the access light to that entry point.

When a person punches a code, swipes a card, or scans his fingerprint, the access control system compares these user credentials to those in this list. If they match, it grants access. Otherwise, it denies access. This user access may be physical access or digital access.

The advantage of the Discretionary Access Control System is it is the easiest and most flexible to use. The disadvantage of this system is the complete control by the owner. There are high chances of the owner granting access to an undeserving candidate. The permissions growth to the user may be inherited by other programs causing malware attacks. 

Mandatory Access Control 

Mandatory Access Control is the most restrictive form of access control. This system grants access only to owners and authorized people. The access rights are controlled by the system or security administrator. These rights cannot be changed without his permission. 

Unlike the Discretionary Access System, this system has no access list. Instead, the system segregates the work areas and grant permissions to selected people accordingly. So, if 100 employees work in your office, you must create 100 user permissions

While the advantage of this system is strict control, the disadvantage is that each time the administrator needs to change the permissions, he has to reprogram the access control lists for all work areas.

Role-based Access Control

Here, access is granted based on the role or job title. So, if there are 5 managers, 2 accountants, and 50 salesmen, you need not create 500 user permissions. You can create just 3, based on one for each role. This system is best as whenever a person is promoted to that role, he gets its access rights.

Role-based Access Control is the most popular form of access control these days.

Rule-based Access Control

In Rule-based Access Control, access is granted or denied based on a set of rules framed by the administrator.

If the administrator sets a rule to close the office at 6 pm, none, including the managers, can stay in after this time of day.

For changing the permissions, you must change the rules. 

Deciding which is the right access control to use for your office.

The level of security you need for your office decides the type of access control it should possess. For offices with high-security needs, it is better to go for mandatory access control with multifactor authentication. For others, you can even have a mix of 2 types.

After deciding this, call a security expert and choose the devices needed. These may include biometric readers, access card readers, security cameras, video surveillance equipment, etc. Decide whom you want to give access permissions to staff, visitors, regular users, etc.

Access control systems are a basic requirement for modern businesses. Implement one today. Contact Charlotte commercial locksmiths like Mr. Lock LLC.  They will cost-effectively install these protective attributes ensuring the highest level of security for you. Call (704) 839 0047 for commercial locksmith specialists in Charlotte and surrounding areas.Catego

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Commercial locksmith provides unparalleled security options for your business

Hearing this, it is no wonder that business owners are always worried about keeping their business safe. This means securing their business location, commercial properties, and their employees from theft and break-ins. They wish to provide top-notch security to their business properties by using modern technology. 

Whom should you approach for a business security consultation? An expert commercial locksmith company, of course! These experienced locksmiths can give you a wide variety of security solutions along with unparalleled customer service.

Ways in which a commercial locksmith provides unparalleled security options for your business

Aware of Market Trends

Commercial locksmiths are aware of the latest trends in the industry. They know the latest security devices available in the market. From the latest smart locks and electronic locks to biometric entry and access control systems, these locksmiths can give you an endless list of security options.

State of the art security solutions 

Your complex locksmith intends to keep your commercial property secure. To this end, he uses only cutting-edge security devices. These include bump-proof locks, battery-powered key-less entry deadbolts, etc. 

Security rating

With years of experience,  a professional locksmith can judge how good these gadgets are,  as per their security rating. So, when a business locksmith suggests a security solution, you can be sure that he has done all the research and testing.

A balance between Business Security and Budget

As business locksmiths, these specialists have worked with several commercial clients. They are aware that each client has a budget to which he has to adhere to. At the same time, the client does not want to compromise on his business security.  So, these locksmiths balance between business security and budget and offer the best solution suitable to both.

Use only quality products

As trustworthy locksmiths, these lock experts adhere to high-quality standards in both their service and the products they use. They use only high-quality locks and superior electronic security systems for your office buildings. That is why they suggest the best hardware for security as per the client’s requirements.

Protection from internal threats

External threats to commercial buildings are through burglary or break-ins. On the other hand, internal threats are from the erstwhile or existing employees. Knowing this, the business locksmith technicians advise you to go for a master key system or a biometric access control system. Video surveillance through state-of-the-art security cameras is also advisable. Access System installation is done best only by a smart locksmith company as they can handle all minute details with efficiency.

Preventive maintenance 

Your locksmith knows that burglars operate the most during the night or on holidays. That is why he suggests preventive maintenance measures to beef up the security of your office tight. These may include night vision cameras, proximity sensors, motion detectors,  motion alarm sirens, etc. These security measures ensure your complete security and safety at night.

Commercial locksmith services 

The main reason why a commercial locksmith is best for securing commercial buildings is their extensive range of locksmith services. They not only do lock installation for commercial doors but also offer business rekey service, key reprogramming, lockout services, etc.

Emergency services

The main advantage of using a commercial locksmith for your business security is the 24-hour emergency locksmith service they provide. This is crucial as lockout or break-in situations arise only when you least expect them. These 24-hour locksmiths form a mobile locksmith team that is ready to serve you at any hour of the day or night.

Your commercial locksmith is the right person to handle your business security. This is because he is a trustworthy locksmith who offers unparalleled service at affordable rates. Mainly, you can entrust your office security to him with peace of mind.

Get in touch with Mr. Lock for a local commercial locksmith serving Charlotte and its surroundings.

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