Are Expensive Locks More Secure?

Most people think “the more money you spend, the more value you get”. This is true, especially in the case of high-security door lock hardware. 

An automatic deadbolt or smart lock offers a higher level of protection than regular locks. They also cost more but the level of security they provide is higher when compared to their cost. This is why one should view these locks as high-security door locks and not as expensive locks. 

Are smart locks really the most secure locks? Let us check.

Do expensive locks give the best level of protection?There are different types of lock options you can choose in terms of security and price. A professional locksmith can guide you on the type of secure lock mechanism to choose with the highest security rating and affordable price range.Traditional locks like pin tumbler locks are cheap but easy to pick. So are padlocks, knob locks, lever locks, etc. However, smart locks with biometric or facial sensors, digital locks with keypads and motion sensors, etc have a higher level of security. These locks are tamper-proof and bump-proof. They cost more than the basic locks but offer the best anti-theft protection. 

How do expensive locks offer the highest levels of security?

When we say expensive locks, here we refer to smart locks. Let us see how these locks fare in terms of the security they offer

Goodbye to lock tampering or picking.

A thief cannot pick a smart lock easily even with a pick gun or power tools. He has to have some knowledge of electronics and computers to tamper with them. A coded lock opens with a code and an electronic lock with a digital card. It is not easy to decipher the code or duplicate the card. So these cards are virtually tamper-proof even from brute force attacks.This is why people install smart locks even on bikes to prevent bike thefts since they offer additional security. Choose a portable bike lock with the highest Kryptonite rating to protect your expensive bike.

No more missing keys

With electronic door locks, there is no need for a key. They open with fingerprints, facial scans, codes, or cards. With smart locks, you do not have to search for keys or worry about maintaining hardware like bolts. This keyless convenience is what makes a smart lock the best among high-security locks. 

Highest level of security and access control

For all high-risk areas, it is advisable to use multi-point locks or electronic door locks with a 3 digit locking combination. But you can get the highest levels of security only with a smart lock. This type of lock can keep track of who enters and leave a building. It offers the greatest protection with its security features.Offices use quality locking systems with the latest smart features to safeguard their premises. Even a vast majority of apartments and homes have switched to smart electronic locks for the same reason.

Remote access

With electronic locks, you can open or close your door even from miles away. All you need is internet or Bluetooth connectivity as a mobile phone. Using these locks, one can permit entry or restrict access to specific people to your home, even while you are at the office. This is why an App lock is preferable to a residential lock.

Best for claiming your insurance policy

With a regular lock, it is hard to convince the insurance companies of a forced entry. But with a smart lock, there is enough proof of evidence to lodge a claim. Now, you can get your compensation from the insurance companies with ease.

No lockout worries

With a common lock, you have every reason to worry about being locked out by accident but not with smart locks. Even if you get locked out, you can enter using the code. If you forget the code, just call the smart locksmith to reconfigure it for you.The strongest lock for your office is the one with smart features and the highest security rating. Get a smart locksmith to install a Strong Lock with smart features for your home or office and watch it give you value for your money. Engaging a professional locksmith company like Mr Lock LLC Locksmith in Charlotte to the best security measure you can take.

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