A Professional’s Guide To Commercial Door Lock Replacement

Commercial buildings like offices, factories, workshops, or warehouses need high-security locks to ensure maximum safety for their property and assets. Every now and then, these commercial door locks need replacement. 

It is best to call a professional commercial locksmith company to execute this replacement in an efficient manner.

Reasons why you need to replace a commercial door lock

An Office door lock system is one that needs frequent changing. The main reason for this could be missing the key of a facility. This happens often due to the negligence of employees. Then, you have to call a Security locksmith to replace the lock. When you do this, get a spare set of keys done and retain them with you. Or better still, you can use a locksmith mechanism with a master key system.

The next reason why business door locks are changed often is due to their high employee attrition or turnover. In almost all organizations, it is common for employees to leave their jobs. When they do this, they sometimes forget to hand over the keys they handle. In such cases, it is best to call an emergency locksmith service company to change the locks at once.

The other reason for changing the locks for business premises is due to their wear and tear. Sometimes, locks get broken and need immediate changing. Call a 24-hour locksmith to replace them at once.

The best reason you have for changing your business door locks is to upgrade the security of your premises. New and advanced security features are available in locking mechanisms. Only a security locksmith can guide you on how best you can protect your high-security areas.

Types of commercial door locks 

Commercial door lock types are many depending on the safety provided and pricing. They include cylindrical lever locks, magnetic locks, mortise locks, electronic locks, smart locks, etc. Keypad door locks, biometric door locks, and keyless entry systems are the latest advancements.

Cylindrical lever lock

For the interior doors of your commercial building, this lock is suitable. It has a small cylinder within the locking mechanism. Two handles are provided on either side of the door. This lock can be installed in minutes but provides very little security.

Mortise lock

Mortise locks are popular in commercial applications as they prevent forceful entry. These locks have a strike plate with a deadbolt and this makes it difficult to open them without a key. Mortise locks are best for industrial applications and high-security areas. But they occupy huge space on the door. Only a trained commercial locksmith can fit these locks best.


Deadbolts are used along with other locks. They offer additional protection of security that is hard to breach. Nowadays, deadbolts come with keyless and remote options in automatic door lock systems.

Electronic door locks and smart door locks.

Electronic door locks remove the need for keys and use a code in the form of a PIN to open them. They may also use a magnetic swipe card. If the locks can be operated using a smartphone, they are called smart locks. Keypad and keyless entry systems come under this category.

Grading of commercial door locks.

Commercial locks are graded based on the security they provide as Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks are what you must focus on as they provide high security. Grade 1 is for exterior doors while Grade 2 is for office doors for the foyer or lobby area. Grade 3 locks are suitable only for interior doors inside offices and homes. Grade 1 locks are the popular option for storefront doors, garage entry doors, barn doors, main doors of apartment buildings, etc. 

When you think of installing a business door lock system, call a commercial locksmith for consultation. Explore the wide range of commercial door access control systems. Think of both modern features like automatic door opener hardware and traditional features like panic bars for safety. Remember, the security of your office building is the main focus. Make a feature vs. cost survey of the range of styles available and replace your office locking mechanism.

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